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"Meet Datin Angie, a beautiful and a cheerful lady, and of course she is a talented cook!"

Angie's Kitchen - Home Delicacies was published, and yes, it is for charity purpose. It's so nice for doing what you love and meanwhile breathe life into it.

Despite of the number of days passed, I am still being grateful for being invited to this special sharing session. This is a very different one from the other blogger events I went to, it's more like a gathering, like everyone is already familiar with one another, although many of us were just meeting for the first time. Thus, a lot of fun!

Another reason but also an important one, is that I am able to taste the yummy home delicacies and being able to share with you here. They are all awesome.
 Sambal Brinjal - Pan fried brinjal served with homemade sambal sauce, without belacan.
You will want to get a copy of the recipe and learn this healthy and aromatic sauce.
This is my favorite dish of the day!

 Nai Pai Cabbage with Minced Meat - The vege still maintain it's crispness after cook,
minced meat go along really well with rice too

 Sweet Soy Sauce Chicken - Indonesian Style.
I like how the chicken is cooked to the perfection of tenderness and juiciness 

 Fried La La with curry paste - It is good, even for me who don't really like La La
The curry paste is the bomb.

Yacon Nutritious Soup - Very nice, and it makes you beautiful.
I feel more beautiful just by having this soup,
it's so comfortably rich as you can feel all the goodness in that bowl.

Asam Pedas Fish - All blogger's comment were good about this too

Fresh Fruit Platter - Nicely Decorated and Healthy

From the ingredients to cooking to plating, our lady host had it all under her control. 

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe once said, "The person born with a talent they are meant to use will find their greatest happiness in using it."

I can really see that on our lady host. She is like a shinning star, cheerful and inspiring, maybe that's the reason why. Being a good role model for modern women, she is not just talented in cooking, and yet she insists on healthy food and life for her family while being a working mom.

She too shared with us about how and where to get fresh ingredients and also some of her cooking tips. Well, beside only pry on more tips, we are always waiting for "that special secrets" that keep her young and beautiful. 

And, I think it's her cheerful heart that plays the big role in that.

The sambal brinjal was the star of the day and to satisfy us,
our lady host showed us her skill to fried the brinjal that make it so good in texture.

Not only having us for dinner, we had the chance to tour around this nicely decorated home. Vintage in style, presenting to us the interior design sense of our lady host.

It's love to sip a cup with these darlings.
After the food tasting session, we are also complimented with Angie's Kitchen Recipe Book with so many other nice food inside.

 Each of us get the recipe book with Datin Angie's signature as a compliment.

Our group photo with our lady host to save the memories of the day.


Angie's Kitchen - Home Delicacy is out
and 100% of the profit will go to 7 charity organizations.
How to Support: 

Go to the Location for Donation near you place to support the charity work.
"For every donation of RM20.00,
you'll be entitled an "Angie's Kitchen" Recipe Book."