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Since Ferringhi Coffee Garden started on business, Ferringhi Garden Restaurant is no longer serving breakfast. 

You may ask aren't these 2 the same? Nein, they are not the exact same restaurant but they are owned by the same owner. Ferringhi Coffee Garden is the extension of Ferringhi Garden Restaurant which serves breakfast and will be closed before dinner. 

Don't worry if you mixed up, they are just located side by side!

Think you got a better picture now! So this time we are talking about the
Ferringhi Garden Restaurant.

This, actually is my first time visit to this restaurant where passing by doesn't count. Kinda slow, I Know!

But the whole experience is so great, it doesn't feel right if I didn't share. Really, I was always told about how great how nice it is, but I wouldn't be so impressive until I try it myself. Well, tasting is believing.

I love the ambient a lot! As how it is named, it is a garden and you literally dine in a garden, how dreamy and romantic is that!

It is beautiful, you can walk around to take some nice picture.
The outdoor seating, like the woody dining furniture. 
Oh, it actually has in door dining area too, but the outdoor is just too popular to be grabbed.

This is how the indoor seating looks like, cozy and posh dining experience.
There are several dining area all gives different feel, walk around and explore.

We chose the out door seat and we spend about an hour plus there and watched the transition of atmosphere taking place, it was a peaceful evening and then it's a happening night.

The environment is blissful as well as the food, every plate is a masterpiece among your taste buds. From the plating, to the tasting it just makes me so happy that night.

Appetizer : Pan Seared Scallops serves with Feta Cheese and Roe Sauce. 
The scallops are juicy and I like the sesame dressing on 
salad too.

Grilled Chicken serves with Assorted Vege. RM34.80
It is flavorful and the chicken is tender and juicy but I think the pickled vege is a bit too strong in flavour. Overall still good!

And here come the "STAR DISH" : Catch of the Day!  RM55.80
Grilled Tuna serves with Potato Cake. THIS IS SOOOOOO GOOD, I'M GONNA DIE!!

The tuna is very fresh and grilled to perfection, and the potato cake smell so nice and they melt in my mouth. However, the menu changes depends on the fish available,
it's kinda like a surprise dish.

Cafe Mocha RM10.80
Still acceptable and the glass is cute!

We also ordered Baileys Coffee RM26.80
I expect it to be better due to the high quality of the food.
Well, the coffee wasn't bad but could be better.

Overall, it was a great dining experience. The food and environment are good. The main course portion wasn't small and you got to experience great services. I think it worth the price!

And, it's a great place to unwind too!

It's a beautiful Sunday to relax at this place, watching the sky.

I, will return for another great meal and I am going to try out the dessert!
Overall Rating:

Food ...................... 9/10
Coffee ................... 7/10
Environment.......... 9/10
Cleanliness............ 9/10
Parking.................. 7/10
Pricing ............. 8/10 ; $$$

* $ = Cheap ; $$ = Standard ; $$$ = Affordable ; $$$$ = Pricey ; $$$$$ = High End Dining


Ferringhi Garden Restaurant

Hours : Mon - Sun (5pm - 12am)
Add : 34 C, Batu Ferringhi, 
          11100, Penang, Malaysia.
Tel : 04 - 881 1193
FB : https://www.facebook.com/ferringhigarden