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SEC truck that send out all the goods for their customers and branches.
Being among the largest company in Northern Region, it requires not just passion but also good managing skill and attitude.

Since 1962, SEC had been growing from a conventional family business to their first branch in Bukit Jambul to now being the largest electrical chain store in Northern Region. The 60,000sqm Electricare Hub is also the largest electrical chain store HQ in M'sia.

With this opportunity, we had grabbed the chance to visit SEC Electricare Hub and also privilege to learn from the Managing Director of SEC, Mr. Joseph Hon, who is so willing to share his knowledge with us.

Please meet Mr. Joseph, the Managing Director of SEC.

Touring around SEC Electricare Hub

Mr. Josph Hon, SEC Mangaing Director had started his 1st outlet as young as 22 years old. He claims that it is the most challenging during the expansion period.

He had been thinking about chain store during the beginning of his business when the market are yet being familiar with the concept.

Today, that is not merely a dream as efforts had been put in to make it a reality.

We were took on a tour in this 60,000sqm HQ and everyday processes had been explained to us.

The HQ is the concourse of everything regarding the business. They are able to monitor everyday progress in each branch and ensure smooth work flow and good services provided.

The main office is also located in their HQ, consisting of purchasing department, A&P department, Marketing Department, Administrative Department as well as their Server Room which is now the 4th generation.

Having their own server room and programming team allows every single process to channel back to HQ. This helps to reduce error rate as well as enabling direct monitoring. Even every order and transaction will be going straight to the HQ. Imagine if every branch has their own way of operation, that is way more harder to ensure good work flow!

We had visited the workshop where all the repairing and servicing are taking place. This is where the goods under warranty are being sent to. Talking about warranty, SEC is among the least who provides external warranty services where the warranty period is extended to 6 years. YES! 6 YEARS! Standby products will be lend to customers while their stuffs are under repair. This is thoughtful!

Right after the workshop, we were brought into the warehouse where all the products are gathered neatly in where they are suppose to be.

Besides, they too have their own logistic department which own more than 30 logistic trucks. Everyday, the trucks with their logo and tagline on will be sending out stocks to all the branches and also to consumers' home.

SEC HQ Tour Highlights

This is a study/entertainment room for the children who follow mummies to work.

Awards and photos exhibited in Mr. Joseph's office.

Mr, Joseph in 2004 Summer Olympic Torch Relay. (Athens, Greece)

Honorable memories to be in Olympic Torch Relay.

There are a lot of memories for a company that survives for so long. These memories include the moment where their success is being recognized through big and small events.

This included to be listed in Olympic Torch Relay during Summer Olympia 2004. The one and only torch is also being exhibited in the Managing Director's office.

Server room consists of main and back up server. they need to be in good condition all the time.

As the technology is becoming more and more advance, adaption and adjustment are taking place in order to be more competence in the fast pace world.

In house programmer are responsible to create system that ease the work flow.

Until today, the company had invested RM 1,000,000 for their systems and hard wares.

Repairing & Servicing Workshop for products under warranty.

Having their own repairing and servicing workshop helps to improve their services and thus more satisfying customers.

Their after sale services are superb!
Here are the 6 stars benefits that you can enjoy by choosing SEC:

1st STAR :   all-risk protection
2nd STAR :   6-year warranty
3rd STAR :   14-day satisfaction guarantee
4th STAR :   1 to 1 exchange
5th STAR :   EZ workshop (customer educating program)
6th STAR :   onsite support

Products are arranged neatly according to categories in SEC Warehouse.

SEC is also a great training ground. SEC branches owner are preferred to be their employee who obtain the knowledge about how everything works and culture of SEC.

According to Mr. Joseph, they would offer their top branch managers to be their franchisee. This is one of the ways to help their employees to get better life. This reflects their practice with the slogan 'Great Company, Great People' that people matter the most in this company.

" While asking about the up coming progress, SEC Managing Director announce that there will be a new branch opening at Alor Setar on December, 2014. Besides, they too are planning to bring SEC on web, SEC online store is going to be a new platform to shop for electrical products. "

We had good sharing moments with Mr. Joseph.

Having great time learning and making new friends. 

Still Remember Your Dreams?

Lastly, great tips for my fellow readers!

Have you ever dream to be an entrepreneur? On the track pursuing your dream? Just started your business/career?

Highlighted point summarized from the visit and Q&A session to help you in pursuing dreams:

1) Dare to dream. As quoted from Mr. Joseph: Nothing is impossible in this world.
2) Do not let go platforms to learn. Visit and ask those who had been through the states.
3) Read more, attend courses and classes that will help you practically.
4) Build network. Join clubs and society, there you get the platforms for more opportunities.
5) Find ways to learn all skills when you first started, thus you will know about everything in the end.
6) Do not give up during hard time. There is just the matter of solutions, solve it.
7) To be success, you need to be different.
8) When people say you are crazy, you are possibly on the right track towards success.

AND, pic of the day with Mr. Joseph.
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