CAFE | Victoria Sweet Pastry

Actually, I never really know the existence of this pastry house until this date with my sistar. It located at the new commercial area next to Tesco Tanjung Pinang, with a big 'VANTAGE' sign, I think some of you might get the idea where is it already.

As its name Victoria Sweet Pastry, no doubt it is another heaven to gals with Victorian, vintage, dream-like ambient. Of course with lotsa lotsa nicely decorated pastries. I personally quite like the design on the wall and its Victorian sofa chair, I kinda experience some phantasmagoria last night.

I always think of a pastry house like this actually, I used to wonder where can I find it in Penang, and somehow someone have the same idea with me. Just that he turn it into action and make it happen.

There are quite some variety of pastries and desserts, but I wish they could have more choices of drinks in the future. What make me fall in love is the decoration works of their, masterpieces were served not long after the drinks.

Green Tea Red Bean Matcha French Toast RM17.90
This is my favorite of the night, I like how the charcoal toast goes with the cream and the ice cream and I like how its look appeals to me. It is also topped with fresh strawberries and red beans. Charcoal stuff is so main stream now. Oh ya, the portion is big, it is quite filling.

Tiramisu Puff Pastry RM17.90
 This one is not too sweet, just right for those who prefer a little bit of bitterness in your dessert. Just mix and match the portion of cream and ice-cream with the cocoa powder to your preferences.

Also, do check out the pastry counter as there are many more not listed in your menu. Lotsa choices and they are just so irresistibly pretty and yummy-looking.

Hot Victorian Sweet Fruit Tea RM10.90
I like this tea so much, with crunchy fruit pieces in it and the whole pot just smell so fruity. One pot can actually fill the cups for many times and you can ask for refill too.

Jasmine Hot Tea RM9.90
This don't have the very strong aroma of jasmine flower which I personally think is very nice as I don't fancy strong Jasmine taste. I think this has a very comfortable taste to me.

Thanks to my date of the night, Karen. Thanks for pulling me out from my current rotting situation and encourage me to do something. Also thanks for the sharing and catching up session. You are one mature lady you know and nice to hear about your determination on pursuing your dream. Ka Yao!

This suddenly make me think of one phrase which I kinda forgotten all these days.
"No matter what, get up, dress up and go out!"
but of course not when you know harms are waiting for you at your door...

Sistar, listening to how busy you are getting, I should also rethink of what I wanna do next. 
Or maybe have a trip with myself? Maybe, people used to say a journey by oneself is a journey to get to know one's true self. Maybe it's true or maybe I just need not forcing myself to come up with something. Or maybe my calling is just to be a normal person, being a good housewife perhaps? Haha...
All the best to myself anyway!

To myself, it's time to get up again and love life again!

To those out there who are also undergo some uncertainty in life, continue to believe that good things will happen and no matter what live your life beautifully, as when you finally grow better and look back, you will thank yourselves for who you are and how you live today. Cheers!

Victoria Sweet Pastry 

B-G-9 Vantage Desiran Tanjung,
Jalan Tanjung Bungah, 10470 Penang.
Tel: 012-4948 369 / 04-890 8369
Hours: 12:00 pm - 11:00 pm; close on Tuesdays