FEED | Family

I walked pass my grandma's bedroom and saw her holding a box of medicine, I stopped and looked and I saw her taking out her medicine. I walked in her room and talked with her asking her whether she needs water. While talking, I also looked into her meds and saw ''darah tinggi', 'kencing manis' and 'kolesterol' and I felt something I never really feel or maybe I always refuse to feel.

I was never been a good granddaughter all these years, I never really spend time with her since secondary school. All the reasons were because I am too self-centered. I always think that I have better things to do, but yet the things I thought more important are really that important? Now I realized how selfish I am, especially to my family, I rather arrange more and more activities but the idea of spending time with my family never really cross my mind.

It's sad to feel this, but this feelings is so real, remind me that I am not young anymore while they too had grow older and older. It's the first time I ever feel that I have the responsibilities to take care of them, what a shame for me. Yeah, this means that I must not only live with my own and for my own.

God please enable me to be their side whenever they need me. Lord, please help me to respond quickly and rationally, help me to be a good daughter and granddaughter. I never really practice how to take care of them, God please teach me how and give me strength to show them more love, a practical love that they can feel. Lord, teach me how to take up the responsibilities and turn me into a mature human being. I was too senseless and I want to feel the every moment with people you put in my life O Lord. Lord, I know you love my family and me, please take care of us all and bring us closer to one another. Lord, make this family of yours happy and healthy all the time. Lord, please grant my family members not only healthy body and also a beautiful lifestyle.

God, please guide me through all these, started to feel and care for their needs and wants. Give me more time to love them and spend time with them. My Lord, please take away my selfishness and make me a caring and loving family member to them. God, I really really hope this feeling now is not too late. Please Lord, grant my grandma, my parents and my family long life. I am really grateful for this family You gives me. Thank you Jesus. Amen!