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'Cozy in the Rocket' had been mistakenly recognized as la Cucina (which means 'the Kitchen' in Italian), perhaps due the first board hanging on the top left of the cafe. Now, it is more obvious as they had made another bigger board written 'Cozy in the Rocket' on top of the cafe. But you can still found it on foursquare as Cozy in the Rocket/la Cucina anyway.

It is not hard to find, especially on a holiday as it locates at the heritage site. We were firstly attracted by the crowd hanging around the area taking photo with the 'little children on a bicycle' wall art, and then we noticed this interesting cafe, painted black and white located at the corner of Armenian Street/Beach Street junction. It's really a strategic location.

It has nice ambient and I like how the sunlight shine through the windows, not a very chilly restaurant, but it is still nice, quite warm and comfortable. Also, it is a nicely decorated cafe with vintage items. In all, it's a nice place to relax and have a little chatting. They have nice painting everywhere, which gives a sense of artsy style to the cafe.

 We grab a small table beside the window nicely decorated with the flowers. The whole setting was really matching well with one another.

Like this one so much, you recognize which cartoon character is? It is one of the product of Japanese Animation Master, Miyazaki Hayao. Love his works always. The evening sunlight had made this one even better, especially in such a leisurely and carefree Sunday. I like how it feels.

Did you ever used this thing before? Still remember my older generation used to having drinks in this.
I think it is quite a good utilization of vintage items. 

One thing to be reminded here is there is only one menu provided which is written at the wooden board at the counter. Everything had stated there and you need to make your mind from the big menu board, then you can either order at the counter or sit back and waiting for your order to be taken.

Cafe Mocha, richly flavored with chocolate. The chocolate doesn't taste cheap at all. It would be nice for people who prefer stronger chocolate taste in mocha.

Cappuccino, it is not come in big cup as others but in a small transparent glass instead. Not bad but it's just another cup of Cappuccino.

Honey with Feta Cheese Baguette, I like how the honey balances up the taste of the cheese, a little sweet and a little sourly-salty. I like this more than those topped with baked cheese. I prefer the chewiness and the original taste of raw cheese.

Spaghetti Carbonara with Pork Bacon, different from the Carbonara we often have, this one is way more authentic as for Italian style Carbonara, which is cooked without cream (Creamy Carbonara is innovated by American influenced by their cooking style). This one come with raw egg. The bacon is also quite crispy. It is a little bit salty, but it is still fine for me as I can take rich flavor food. 

Home made Spaghetti with Bacon and Asparagus, the spaghetti have different texture from the previous one, it is more chewy and not as smooth as the usual. The Asparagus is fresh too. Overall, it is not bad but the portion is too small for the price we paid.

Beside the cafe there is one hallway with only one table, which is randomly but artistically decorated. There are some picture and painting hanging here and there.

Remember do not step on the grass ya, and do not destroy their little planting project.

Thanks to him, I do had a nice day. =)

PS: Found out it got some bad comments after we tried it out. It was quite a pleasant experience for us. But I do agree that their portions are too small for the price they charge. An advice for all is that maybe you should pay a visit when it is not the peak hours. Cheers.

Contact Cozy in the Rocket at:

262 & 264, Beach Street,
Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia.

Tel: +6 012-496 7838

Business Hours: 10am-5pm (Closed on Mondays)