511 at Stadium Batu Kawan

Another historical day has been made!
Although I am not there but I still want to say GOOD JOB to all those who attend!

I had followed the whole 'Tolak Penipuan PRU 13' through live-stream.
I see the difference of Malaysians today, people are not afraid to voice out for human rights anymore.
The 'Don't Care' attitude is no longer a culture of the people.
Even young people who were said as not interested in politic had come out and join the movement,
and their numbers is big, this year has the highest numbers of voters,
and many are us, the 'first-time voters'.

During the gathering, people are being responsible.
People take initiative to create banners and posters, everyone was well co-operated,
the true 'you help me, I help you' spirit is seen, no longer 'only care my own business'.
Even some brought rubbish bag to collect rubbish,
and not only their own rubbish.

What's more, the racism is become an outdated word,
we no longer differentiate ourselves as Malay, Chinese, Indian, Kadazan or Iban,
but we call ourselves Malaysians, which really means a lot to this nation.

The true spirit of '1 Malaysia' can been seen, not only slogan, as we treasure our country more than ever,
we interact with other races more than ever, we recognize ourselves as Malaysian who love this country,
and we are willing to fight for a better nation, altogether.

Yes, we see all the ridiculous thing happen during the voting period with our naked eyes,
and we follow the results of the 13th General Election, the longest counting ever,
When the 'ruling party' is announced to get 133 seats, many are really sad, nearly hopeless.
As we have seen the wave of 'Ubah', and the longing for better nation is so strong,
even after the public volunteer to stay back after voting and fight against 'ghost voters'?
People started to change the profile picture and Facebook cover into completely black,
to mourn for the death of democracy.

However, the atmosphere of complete hopeless just maintained for not a long period,
and while Pakatan Rakyat's leaders speak, again,  hope started to be seen,
and Facebook started to blend in some colours.

Despite of the disappointments we went through, I am happy that I see a different Malaysia,
a nation with better hope, nation where people unite for the same reason,
and a nation works together to fight for the undone fight.

Now, I have seen a better Malaysia, and better me and you,
I believe Malaysia is way more better than before, the sleeping giant has been waken,
a better nation is awaits.

Let's continue to support one another and together we hope for a brighter future for Malaysia.
I am a Malaysian. I love Malaysia.