Penang food-hunting on 28th March 2013

Oh, finally I blog about this, kinda late d.

So, after the Big Bad Wolf book fair, we decided to visit the wall art at Penang heritage site.
Meanwhile, hunting for street or hawker food.
So I will blog about the food because my phone out of battery during the walk around heritage site. *failed*

The 1st stall was discovered accidentally, it is a 'tong shui' stall, just right beside my parking place.
It is located at Victoria Street, near to China House Kopi C. Check out the location on google map.
It started to operate at around 1.30pm from Monday to Saturday.

so called 'be ko moi' in Hokkien. There are dry longan, black glutinious rice and coconut milk.
Different from the other which only tasted sweet. It taste a little salty and a little sweet. 
Like it so much.

The sweet potato soup. It has two type of sweet potato and the soup has ginger added to it.
It tastes spicy and sweet. The ginger taste is heavy, people who like ginger will definitely like this.

They have many other kind of 'tong sui', like green bean soup, red bean soup, barley and so on. They have economic bihun and mee as well.

The lady in the middle is the 'tauke niao', and the 'tauke' was serving people and refuse to be in the pic because he is shy, see his hand?

Eating is a big business, you know.

After this we went for a walk around the heritage site to see some wall art. Too bad I am manage to take one picture only because of out of battery.
means 'give is more blessed than take'

The weather is hot and we were tired. And it's the best time to cool down a bit. We went to the dessert stall under a tree at Acheen Street. It is a van selling dessert, and we just enjoy it under the tree.

'Oh Kio' in Hokkien, I like the jelly in it and the sweet-sour taste. So nice to have it under hot weather.

Next we change out hunting spot to Gurney Drive Hawker Center. There are so many stalls and in fact many stalls are selling the same thing, so which stall should we try became a problem.
Anyway, we follow the rule that 'the longer the queue means better', and we are totally not disappointing.

Char Kuey Tiao

'Oh Jian', it's oysters fried with eggs

Penang Laksa

Hokkien Mee, or as people from other state call it Har Mee

'Bubuh Cha Cha', it's like ais kacang but instead of syrup, it uses coconut milk. The ingredients also a bit different from ais kacang. This one has yam in it.

'si ko theng' it can be served hot or cold. A lot of ingredients and it differ from one stall to another.
Another dessert, oh we have had too much dessert this time.

Friend chicken skin, fried sotong and lobak; you can do some mix and match, it's up to you.

'jiu hu eng cai', means squid and kangkong in Hokkien. I think other state has this too, just the source may be different. This one the source is sweet and smell nice with the sesame.

'Rojak', mixes of fruits with rojak source and nuts. This one have 'iu cha kui' or 'yao cha guai' in it. The fruits are well match with the source and the 'iu cha gui' is so crispy.

'Po Piah', the fillings are different kind of vege, suitable for herbivore.

So basically, these are all the hawker food you should try in Penang. Don't scare to explore. =D
So many good food, I am so bless to be a Penang Lang... 

Finally, some group pics at Chew Jetty. =D

I do enjoy all the time, should have do this more with this gang. 
So much fun!!!