Maraschino @ Rantau Panjang

I heard of maraschino recently, know people actually give a lot of good comment and compliment to it. It's some something you don't expect to find in Kelantan. 

It is a casual dinning place or a relaxing cafe. They have both Western and Thai cuisine, also yummy cakes and pastries. Their prices are not expensive too. 

So after everyone agree, we decide to pay the cafe a visit after our church's Friday service. We went there with two cars, it took us about an hour plus for the journey from KB to Rantau Panjang.

maraschino @ Rantau Panjang

'Keep Calm and Drink Coffee!' The owners are coffee lovers, just so you know, they make good coffee.

The weather is freaking hot, and it's so nice that it has nice interior and AIR-CON!

lovely potted plant decor

Like their decor so much, there are a lot more.

You won't be bored while waiting for your food to be served, here are things you can do.

Awww, look at the cake counter... They have different kind of cakes everyday.

I love die macaroons... and theirs are so cheap only RM2 each, and they are so yummy, 
blackberry macaroon is a must try!

Chicken Parmesan, a bit spicy, i mean the black pepper spicy, the taste are really not bad.

Fish FIllet, it comes with salad and mashed potato. I like how it taste, it do surprise me.
It is different from the fish fillet we used to eat.

I really appreciate this pizza which is specially made as we requested. They don't have pizza in menu.
The crust is something, made with pastry crust and the marinara source and mozzarella cheese are really a great combination.

Rocky Road Cake, it has mash-mellow and nut topping and chocolate filling within the layers.
Nice for those who has sweet tooth.

Red Velvet cake, this is my first time having red velvet cake, I also don't know why.

Chocolate Lava Cake, oh most love! Like it when it is hot and the choco fillings is just so rich.
It is dessert of the month for March! Highly recommend!

Raspberry Mint, nice colour and it's cooling, nice especially when the weather is hot.

Affogato, the espresso and the ice cream are so perfectly matched, not too sweet and not too bitter.

my favorite, Vienna Coffee, espresso top with sweetened whipped cream.
So hard to find Vienna these day. Love it when the bitter of the coffee meet the sweetness of the cream.
This is really nice and one thing I so likey is their Vienna Coffee is 
double to triple the portion of what I used to have.

Portuguese Egg Tart, their special on 29th March, they will have different 'today's special',
remember to check out their counter.

bumped into my course-mate, meet Along.

My junior and also my church-mate, meet Miriam.

Last but not least, group pic.

We are all very satisfy with the service and food there. We will definitely come back!

The owners are coffee lovers and they do make great coffee.
They will have coffee appreciation in near future. Follow their facebook update, so you won't miss it. =)

You can contact Maraschino at:

Pt 154, Pusat Perkedaian Baru, Rantau Panjang,
17200 Kampong Rantau Panjang, Kelantan, Malaysia.

Tel: 09-795 3448

Operating Hour: Mon - Sun (10:00 am - 10:00 pm)