Late outfit update - LOVFEE

Sometime, I am just too lazy to go out there during freaking hot day and having the risk to get stuck in traffic congestion. So I recently find online shopping is way more convenient. There are lotsa e-shop or e-mall available, they are all over your facebook.

But to me, I personally think that shop online is very risky. (I had bad experience in this... ><)
Due to my pass experience, I am really concern about the quality, shipping time and the service.
I hate it when it look very different from the picture when it arrive, and they are not cheap actually.

I am really happy that I finally found LOVFEE (loveandfree), they provide nice products and good service. It's a company from Taiwan. After I review about their clients' comments, I decided to give it a try. 
picture credit to LOVFEE

The owner is nice to communicate with and one thing I really want to give credits to them is their information on their website. I was buying a pair of shoes from them, and the website is so sweet to give advise about the details to help the clients choosing the right size of shoes.
So detail right? 
(it's in chinese, basically describe the size of the shoes and suggestion according to your feet size)

What I am very happy with is their service. I got my shoes delivered way from Taiwan within 10 days. It's like a week. WOW! 
And I love their packing, so lovely.

The shoes is in good quality and just look the same as what I see online. Love it max. Bonus, it looks really nice with simple match.

Love their goodies too...
 a bag and pens

their catalog is really nice too

♥ I am so satisfied with LOVFEE, a really nice experience shopping online and get good stuff. ♥
Check out their facebook page:

Wonder how I found this trustworthy online bargain? Here are some tips I found very useful choosing a trustworthy source while shopping online:
1: check on their updates, whether they update regularly or not
2: drop them a private message first, to communicate before decide, and if they always reply fast and polite, 
    you know at least they are doing their job
3: check on their customers comments/feedback, this is the most important one.
4: the originality of the photos, is it the commercial photos or they have their own models and ready stock pic 
5: Check on whether they have details about every single items or not, the more detail the better, means they
    really know their stuff.

Hope you enjoy your 'screen-shopping' ya. Good Day! =D