A surprise!

Meet Andy
Here is he, the boy, meeting me with a surprise. 

We just have time to meet up for lunch, as he still have some business appointments to rush.
We just had some simple lunch at Time Square Food Court.

The coffee is nice.

A flower surprise, I got no idea why because it is not a special day though.

He actually made me walking around the book fair with these flower.

Kinda awkward but it's sweet.

We don't spend much time, just a small walk around the book fair.
Anyway, I am thankful enough.

Here is the flowers for some decoration.
I don't know what flower is this, it looks like rose but it is not rose.
I like the colour and its fluffiness.

Here's some tips to made your flower decor yourself. Just get a 1 liter plastic bottle and some pebbles 
(either big or small) will do. The pebbles add some weigh to the DIY vase so it won't fall down.
You can play with the pebbles or some other alternative ingredients to make it look the way you want.

And don't forget to add in pipe water, for the nutrients. You can add a bit of sugar in it too to preserve the flowers for some time. If possible, get some nutrients from the florist. Not hard to make right.