Day 1 in K-land (Kelantan): Pizzeria Traudi

First time bringing my two babies to K-land. Need my car for survey, for convenience in term of transportation I mean, so my another baby need to bring my baby down to K-land for me. So since Andy is in town, we planned for a 2 days chillin trip.

For our first day, we decided to try out the popular European restaurant in town, 'Pizzeria Traudi'. It is owned by a Swiss couple who settled in the city of Kota Bahru, which is why I have a chance to practice my German with them once, just simple conversation though. They were friendly and nice.

It is located near the town of Kebun Sultan, which is like a china town in K-land and also the only place to have pork.

So next I gonna show you pictures.

Pizzeria Traudi

Cappucino served with gula perang

Me and my Mushroom Chicken, the portion is large.
It came with fresh vege and slightly grilled pasta.

Andy with his medium-rear steak, served with baked potato and fresh vege.
The portion is large as well.

 Top view for my mushroom chicken which cost us around RM30++

Top view of Andy's beef, which costs about RM60++

The food was not bad, just that it is a little bit too salty, I think is the waitress sprinkle too much salt on top of each main course, cause we can still taste the salt.

I have been here before, everything was just nice and pleasant that time.

By the way, they are famous with their Pizza. Their Pizza was thin but big. Smell really nice. 
Better call them up first to confirm if you would like to have pizza.
Sorry didn't have the photo of the pizza, was busy catching up with Andy.

Find Pizzeria Traudi at:

364/27, Jalan Sri Cemerlang,
15300 Kota Bharu, Malaysia.

Tel: 013 - 953 2067

Operating Hour: Monday to Saturday (dinner at 6pm - 12am)