Restaurant Makalu: Dining in K-land

Okay, my friends were talking about going out for several days.
I can understand their feelings as the bad bad situation in my uni.
Raining non-stop, but no water supply for 3 days!! CAN YOU IMAGINE?!

Many people had jump on their vehicles and escape from this place, and some had flied back home.
Ya, we choose to stay (I also don't know why I am still here)

In order to chase away the grey clouds on top of our head, we decided to escape for erm... one night.
We went out searching for food and we just somehow ended up in Tanah Merah.
There is a restaurant called 'Restaurant Makalu'. It was taken after the name of the third highest mountain in the world (feel free to correct me if I am wrong). By the way, Makalu is a name of a mountain.

It is opposite the Pantai Timur hypermarket. Keep an eye when you got near or you will missed it. It actually has a big signboard at the road side, just not obvious. I think they should put up some light on their signboard so people can see.

Anyway, when you walk in, you can see the restaurant with a big signboard WITH LIGHTS!

This is the signboard in front of the restaurant

Here is the Fish Head Curry, think is the normal size, cost us RM35.
The fish are chop into pieces so you can't see the head.

Yes, it is boiling! This is the Claypot Tofo, RM25 (i think this is a bit overpriced)
The Tofu are home-made which made it special. This dish is suitable for people who don't like heavy flavor. 
But for me, this dish is so-so only.

This is my favorite, the 'fatt put' (in Cantonese), which is made of yam. Cost us RM25.
They fill this with fried squid, you can orther it with chicken or vege. 
(Somehow I think we are overly enjoy, lol)

This is the last dish, lemon chicken. RM15, what do you think?
It is crispy, I like it, but my rommie says it is a bit oily. Why not you go and try it out?

So this is what made our night! Also, our first Chinese food in our very last semester in uni. Wish everyone enjoy the very last semester fooling around together.

Oh ya, beside the Chinese dishes, they also serve steamboat and western food.

You can find Restaurant Makalu at:

Lot 4984, Jalan Mahsuri,
17500 Tanah Merah, Kelantan.

Tel: +6 09 - 7555 076