Motivate myself through blogging

I am glad that I have my blog, good job I started to create this account.
My blog reminds me of continue living, continue striving, just like strive for higher hits.
This at least is encouraging me though.

Hereby I wanna share about the benefits of writing or keeping a blog, better if you keep on updating ;)

1. A space to express

Yeah, it is actually a space for you to blah out all your thoughts. For girls, maybe emotional thingy sometimes. You may think that you are writing craps, your blog is up to no use. But this actually is a place to keep your thoughts at the very moment you are expressing thing. Viewing back after some days, you may be surprised by what you had wrote or what had came across your mind. So why not? Your blog is owned by you, then what do you expect? Sometimes it reflects thing you never see in yourself if without a proper notice too.

2. Motivate yourself

Friends complaint you for indulge in certain thing for too long? Have you been talking something over and over again and it actually bothering other people in someway? Now you have the whole lot for you to express about it. Give some colour and express it the way you like, you will later on be amazed by how powerful your passion can be, reading them are just so intriguing. Some more you attract people with same interest too. Then you can have your craps partner to talk about whole lot of thing that might annoy your other friends. Just talk and share whatever you are passionate for, share like a boss!

3. Extra pocket money

Be unique and write things up that attracts to read your blog. You can sign up with advertisement platform like Nuffnang or Google Adsense and etc. etc. that place advertisement campaign in your side. Doing so open up a chance for you to earn some side income. However be sure to keep yourself updated with the do and don't. To gain money, you need to be informative, be creative and share things out through your social media. Earning while doing something you like, why not leh?

4. Discipline yourself

Dare to take up the challenge to post a post everyday? Haha. If you are able to achieve that, this is a good thing for you at least you can stick to one of your goals. For me, writing up things also make me looking for some information and update myself. So no lazy excuses that stop me to learn. A single thing a day will do. Better than nothing aye? Through the learning, updating and searching process, I gain much too. A lot of wow and I see can be credited to my daily search.

5. Sharing fun

I like to share stuff and I feel it is very fun. I love to snap snap all the way round, and I feel it's fun to share it with people. Gain some credits to myself as well. Haha, a bit of self-loving. I feel the satisfaction when there are new feeds on my blog. Having so many nice and epic picture just to keep the fun to yourself? Too selfish neh... Sharing is caring ma~

Also, writing blog help me to relax and being distracted from the chaotic and frustrating world and things happen around. Actually I was sad, feeling hurt because of some 'not worth to be sad with' people. But writing these up make me feel so much better now. At least my focus is no longer on the things that hurt me, but make able my eyes and heart to other wonderful and worth sharing thing from the surrounding.

So I hope you, especially new blogger, enjoy your blog writing to the max! Good day! Smile!