I am a dreamers

Do you have something kept in your heart for so long and don't dare to go after it?
Don't hesitate anymore, you can only have what you want if you admit it and go for it.

I always believe you can choose to be the kind of person you always want.
When you think it's too late, it may be the best time to start.
As long as you know what you want, it will never be too late to start.

What is the meaning of living if one doesn't have purpose, dreams or target?
Be dare to dream, but make sure you dare to act too.

I believe God gives everyone creativity and imaginary too.
Don't limit yourself and stay in your well.
You can always choose to do something different, you know?

Who said you must not dance in the rain?
Who said you must not cycle instead of drive?
Who said you must continue doing things the ordinary way you have been doing?

You have a choice to let your dream flies.

Why am I suddenly came out with this topic?
Because I realize I have some little big thing in the bottom of my heart that I actually hoping it to happen but I often muted the inner voice of mine.

I actually always wanted a boyfriend who loves to take photo, especially my photos.
I do have a boyfriend who know photography but I think he might not that into it now. =(
I still hope this can happen but I don't know how, impossible I go get a new boyfriend just for this...
SO... let's HOPE for it. lollll

Another thing I want to do is to travel around the world, learning different culture, experience different things, open up my mind and take lotsa lotsa pictures. I mean the very story-filled and meaningful one.
Also, hope for this too.

One more thing, hehe, greedy, is to open my own cafe, a cafe which is tailor made for coffee lovers, like me, a place where to relax, and stray away from the reality and must be place as cozy as a home. I love fireplace but it is quite impossible to have it in Malaysia. Hahaha, another hope so as well...

Let's live for our future and be better and better than yesterday, aye?