Big Bad Wolf in Penang on 28th March 2013

Yeah, Big Bad Wolf had finally came to Penang. So how can we miss this first Big Bad Wolf in Penang?!

It was a one day trip, we purposely drove all the way down from Jeli, Kelantan to Georgetown, Penang with our main intention to get a lot of nice books. I think it's crazy for me to purposely went back to my hometown for a book fair, for one day.

When we first arrived in Time Square, there are arrows directing us to the exact venue of the book fair, which is what I think is very thoughtful.

And here we go, book searching in action

Scanning through the books... oh gosh, so many...

See what I found here, yes, it's Manga!

This whole role of books is just a part of it.

Creative, I like.

Manage to get 2 books from the fiction and 2 from the history. 

Beside books, they are selling some souvenir and t-shirts too. Go grab some!

Wasn't really satisfy though, I thought I can get more, like a full box maybe? Anyway, I hope it will never stop having Big Bad Wolf in Penang and hope they could bring in more nice books since I could hardly find famous author's this time. Maybe we are a bit late? So looking forward for the next one.