ben's at Gurney Paragon

Hey, imma blog about the new restaurant in town.
ben's - is now in Penang!

Since we saw this news so we decided to visit to this ben's in Gurney Paragon.
It is embedded in the old building, under the historical building, known as St. Joseph Novitiate.

We went there at night, the place was decent with the potted tree decorated with light bulb.
There are different dinning part you can choose, indoor, outdoor or hallway.

For this time we chose a table for two at the hallway. The light in the hallway is a little bit dim, but also creating the romantic atmosphere.

So now let's save all the craps and I'll show you pictures.

the menu looks so classic
the price are reasonable too

Some cozy decor on the table, candlelight and a box of cards

You can play with your friends while waiting for your food to be served.
They have some recipe too.

                                   Cappuccino for Andy                                        Macchiato for me

medium rear Beef Frites, comes with fries and sources, which cost RM50++
Not bad though, it's very juicy.

Mushroom Chicken pie, comes with fresh vege salad, costs us around RM20
It is creamy and smell really nice, the bread is crispy and all ingredients mix well together.
They have olives in the gravy.

 dessert of the day: cheesecake (I forgot what it called d, some plain cheesecake or something)
 suitable for people who like simple cheesy taste.

Thanks for the waitress for taking the pic.
The interior is nice, the whole restaurant is just so cozy, very comfortable.
and I looked a bit fat in this pic, why har?

 saw some tree decorated with loves, so we stopped and snapped. 
see the loves? =D

It's a nice place to hang out with friends and family, new choice for chit chat, celebrate, food and etc.

Location and Tel:

Gurney Paragon Mall, (163C-1-03, 04 & 163C-2-02)
Persiaran Gurney 10250 Penang.

Tel: 04 - 228 8909
Operating hours: 11am-11pm daily