What is tingling?

You may wonder 'Why tingling?'

According to definition, tingling means:
WordNet: exicting by touching lightly so as to cause laughter or twitching movements

Oh... I like this one: thefreedictionary.com says it means 'to have a prickling, stinging sensation, as from cold, a sharp slap, or excitement.'

Yes! This is life! Life is like that, not gonna be smooth all time. Sometime it give you a cold feet, some time it feels like you got slapped right at your face and sometimes it gives you abundant of uncertain excitement. Get the tone of life and dance along it, no matter what kind of situation is, that is still a piece of a memory that eventually make your life complete.

And life give me a lotssss to blog about. So why not blogging?!

Also, there is another reason I like the word 'ting'ling because... it has my name in it... Teehee!

So go ahead and play with your life. #FotoRus
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