Download music video as mp3

Found some nice tool recently. Music is so important to me. It help to get rid of the stress and moody of me. Thus, I love to get access to music.

I don't know if you would download music yourself, but I do and I am so happy with
I used to listen to music through you tube. Now i can download it in mp3 and other music files. It just a few clicks away, so convenient.

Here are the step to download it in house, especially to girls like me who don't really into complicated technical thingy.

Step 1: Go to Offliberty website.

Step 2: Search and open the song you want in youtube, soundhound, and copy the link like below.

 Step 3: Paste the link you copy into the space and click the black 'off' button.

 Step 4: Wait for a few seconds.

Step 5: To download your mp3 left click the 'Right-click here and Save link as...' button, unless you wan to   safe as other files. Then it will start download automatically.

Step 6: What if you want the video? Easy, just click the 'I want video file' button and wait for few seconds.

Step 7: After few seconds, you will see the 'Right-click here and Save link as...' button. Left-click it and the download shall start automatically.

Now the file you want can be play straight away. Easy right!
Hope this software could help you. Happy downloading. =)