Kürtős Spiroll @ Queensbay Mall

Went to Queensbay Mall with Andy and we were surprised by this new delicacy called Kurtos Spiroll. They sell a kind of European pastry. This is my first time seeing this type of pastry in Malaysia. It tasted yummy. Sweet and nice aroma (I always love the bread fragrance), and interesting. Oh ya, their pastries are freshly baked. 

According to the owner, this is inspired by Kürtőskalács or kürtős kalács (Hungarian pronunciation: [ˈkyrtøːʃ ˈkɒlaːtʃ]) which is a Hungarian pastry (chimney cake/stove cake). The name derives from the Hungarian words kürtő that refers to chimney or 'wide pipe length', and kalácsmeaning "milk-loaf". In past decades, Hungarians baked it on a tapered cylindrical spit over an open fire. It is usually seen at bakery, street corner, carnivals and fairs.

Here are few pictures taken before it is gone.

This is the Nutella flavored, nice since I love Nutella spread.

 They have three dips: Chocolate, Butterscotch and Garlic Cheese
The dips are extra charged but worth trying.

See this guy so happy enjoying his Kurtos. 

The left is cinnamon flavored and the right on the pic is the original one.

They have comfortable interior with nice pictures as well.
Picture credits goes to kurtos spiroll.

Their packaging is nice and fun. © Kurtos Spiroll

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FREE yummy pastries are waiting.

You can find Kurtos Spiroll at:

Queensbay Mall (3F-01B, North Zone),
Bayan Lepas 11900, Penang.