Instagram is becoming more and more popular nowadays.
Me myself love this app so much. (It now has the web version as well, have you tried?)
Check out the web version Instagram!

With Instagram, photo sharing had become so much easier, and also save up a lot of editing hassle too if you love photo-editing. Hee...

Just like linking twitter, facebook, pinterest to your blog or website or anywhere else, you can now link instagram through the INSTAGRAM BADGES. Weeee....

Just few simple steps a way. I am here to share with you how to put instabadges on your blog.


I am using 'web version' instagram here.
After register your instaaccount, here you go~
Step 1: click your account name with your profile pic there and click 'Badges'

Step 2: you will see page like this and select the badge you want (see the green colour tick there), there are 5 different types of badges for you to choose.

Step 3: after you click on the badge you like, there will be code showing in the box. highlight the code in the box, right click and choose 'Copy' as shown below.

Step 4: go to your blogger layout, click the 'Add a Gadget' link and the box of Add a Gadget will appear.

Step 5: Choose the 'HTML/Java Script' gadget by clicking the  +  button.

Step 6: the 'Configure HTML/JavaScript' box will appear, paste the code into the box shown and then click the  Save  button.

 Step 7: after safe the HTML/JavaScript, drag the gadget to the location you want to place,
 then click  Save arrangement .

And now, you are DONE, the badge will appear in your blog, and you are free to promote your pics. =)

And here is my insta-pic of the day... love the effects always, coffee with X-Pro II effect~
Love Instagram so much! Peeps, you should check out Instagram facebook page too, I have so much fun scroll through =)
Chill with a cup of Gloria Jean's ♥ #instapotd