Good Breakfast!

I love breakfast! It's my most love meal time!

I don't know why I just get excited on what am I going to have for breakfast and also happy preparing my breakfast! Hee~

Since I am stuck in the hostel, I just go for something simple. Something self-made. Erm... not really self-made. They are are instant... Not sound so healthy, I know.

It's raining outside and this is the third morning I woke up in cold cold rain. What can beat a cup of hot drink in this cold weather. So I made myself a cup of 'Milo'.

Apple's earphone is my cup of 'Milo'

I made myself some bihun and I have preserved bean curd and pickled lettuce as the combination. 
Simple but yums... =)

My tummy is not very satisfy so I decided to unpack this 'CHOCO KRANZE' 
I bought during my Langkawi trip. It is yummy and smell nice, some familiar taste in it but i don't know what is that since the whole packages are in Deutsch! Anyway, it is nice... =)

To make it all looks a bit healthier. Here's the popular one: An apple a day keeps the doctor away!

An this? Just some random snap of a B&W combination. I capture this as it appear in my screen when i am editing the photos above. Unintentionally I pressed the capture button and here is it. Lol... random
*Credits to my iphone's earphone

Hope you have a nice breakfast! It goes better when you can enjoy the fun with family and friends... ♥