Dine in Pizza Hut

Here was raining continuously for three days, it's cold and dim all day long. Luckily it didn't flood!

I love rainny days but I don't like raining season, the one you can hardly see the sun...
I need sunshine, it makes me more energetic and motivated.
Hope tomorrow i'll be woke up by the sunlight.

Thankfully, here's something that make my day not so dim.
I have not been visiting Pizza Hut like for years, and I get something different as what I remembered.

I went to the Tanah Merah's outlet in K-land (Kelantan in short), the interior was nicely set up and the menu looks new. Just know now they serve more varieties of food. You can check out their menu here.

Here are some snaps of the food, hope you guys enjoy.

The Pepperoni Sandwich, RM8++ 
My roommate saw it in the menu online and wanted to try, not bad though.

This is the what I ordered, chicken chop with RM14.90
The chicken is a bit spicy, very smooth smashed potato, delicious but the portion is small.

 The 4 pieces salsa chicken ordered by friend, think most of you familiar with it.

The meatball spaghetti, getting the Tuesday discount for this 
(everyday there are different discount menu, check it out)

 I like this, tropical Citrus Slush at RM7.20
Nice representation, come in a tall glass, and I like the taste (and the mint leave too)
*Did you know if there is mint leaves come with your food or drink, means it tastes nice with the mint leave, so try to chew a leave with the food or drink, if you don't hate mint of course.

me with my current favorite tee
love the tee, comfy and sporty. Get it at brands outlet.

So this is kinda a new experience in a not new fast food restaurant. Hee~